Tim Albright, Designer
(518) 727-5420
T  I  M     A  L  B  R  I  G  H  T      D  E  S  I  G  N

Tim Albright, Designer
(518) 727-5420
"As a a transplanted New Yorker I have become landed gentry through the intelligence, design smarts and unique talents through Tim Albright Design. Well versed in creativity which is my profession I am continually surprised by Tim’s insight , experience and collaboration in designing my home. His awareness of my needs and my budgetary considerations produced for me a home that is as close to paradise as I ever thought I would reach.

I can’t recommend him highly enough."                                                                                                                                                               - Bob & Virginia Lupone                                                                                                           Athens, NY  

"I am continually grateful for my home due to Tim's vision, talent and experience. I'm happy to say that the needs of my family have been wonderfully realized. Tim is a joy to work with and I firmly believe a treasure-trove of creativity." 

                                                                             - Margaret
                                                                               Coxsackie, NY 

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"When we built our Florida home Tim was part of every phase - from creating the floor plan, designing the details, helping with color choices, choosing the furnishings and helping with landscape design. His knowledge and attention to detail is incredible. And best of all what is usually a stressful undertaking Tim makes enjoyable and pleasant." 

                                                                              - Sandra
​                                                                                Hudson River Valley / Central Florida
What Would Tim Do?” has become a family mantra. We jokingly ask ourselves this question when considering design choices. Tim has become a trusted friend where we can turn for guidance for both large and small projects. He always nails it! And we are always thrilled with the results.”  
                                                                           -  Dan
                                                                              West Hartford, CT 

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